If you are in a relationship, time can work either for you or against you. When we meet a person that we are attracted to we tend to put a lot of effort in showing the best of ourselves. When we fall in love, all the things seem to be perfect. After a certain period, reality starts to kick in, and we begin to see life’s true colors. Even our relationships are bound to go through change, it does not mean that they have to change for the worse. Below are some tips on how to keep your love strong:

Create good memories


Make a point of doing nice things and spend some time together. This is what will create beautiful memories. Quarrels and fights are not nice memories, and they will not help your relationship at all. Cleaning, eating and cooking together can become fun memories. If you spend more and more time together, engaging in things that you both enjoy to do, you will want to spend even more time together in the coming days.



Communication is very important in a relationship. Communicate your worries or your feelings when needed. This can make you avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, and problems in the future. Talking with each other is the only means you have of sharing your interests and planning your time together. Additionally, it is the easiest way of getting to know the individual you love.

Give affection

It is advisable to give each other as much affection as you can. There is all time for a hug or a kiss. The romance will be kept alive by being affectionate. Studies have shown that being affectionate helps to prevent stress and depression. It also assists to create a stronger bond and can smoothen the bumps we experience on the way.


There will always be moments when you will be at loggerheads. We are all different, and we have our own views and opinions about things. We have different upbringings and backgrounds. Therefore we should ensure that we respect each other’s ways of thinking. Do not let a disagreement escalate into a conflict. Compromise and try to find a solution that you both can live with.

Try new things

fhgvghcghcgfchcghBoredom is regarded as a relationship killer. We adapt to routines due to family, work, kids and other commitments. Ensure that you make an effort to find some new thing to do together. This is vital especially if you feel that you are drifting apart or your relationship is cooling down. This will enable you to reconnect and maybe learn something new about the person you love.…