In the last few years, hiring a wedding planner was considered to be a luxury meant for celebs and wealthy individuals. However, this is not always the case. According to, if you are about to wed, you will definitely need some help. The following are important tips for hiring the right wedding planner:

Consider your needs
What type of service do you need? In fact, there are several planners out there as there are choices. Thus, it is necessary to narrow down a selection based on the need. The following are some types of services they offer:

Wedding day coordination – In this case, they only come during the wedding day to ensure everything is done professionally.
Referral service – In this case, a planner recommends various vendors based on your needs, and then you hire the vendors.
Comprehensive service – You allow your wedding planner to see everything even booking the venue

For instance, if you want a lot of creative input, you will need to hire a wedding planner who has a background in the creative field of graphic design and art. Maybe you want a person who will do all legwork and can work with you as a partner. However, he or she should offer you a room to show your personal creativity.

Consider their experience
You need to check the duration they have been in operation. A reliable planner ought to prove his experience and liability. For instance, he or she should provide you with a list of past clients whom you can contact directly. Also, your wedding planner should provide you with some examples of weddings that he or she has been involved in. He or she you show an extensive portfolio of the wedding videos and images.

Consider their training
Check the level of training the professional has undergone before becoming a wedding planner. Has he or she been involved in other related fields such as event planning? This will offer you an insight into the type of a planner you have. You need someone who is not just concerned with planning, but also has a passion for weddings.

Communication and professionalism
As soon as you start communicating, does the wedding planner appear to be reliable and professional? You need a planner whom you have to communicate with on a regular basis and should answer your calls and emails. The answers ought to be comprehensive.…