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When the temperatures get unbearably hot, it is advisable to get and install an air conditioner. The worst thing that can happen after a busy day at work is when you start feeling icky or sweating. This is especially true in the summer when you have to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh. If you have already set your eyes on getting an air conditioner, you might not be so sure about which model to buy or not buy. Here are a few factors that should influence your decision.

The need

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Why do you need an air conditioner? When shopping for one, purpose to have your actual need in mind. You might be looking for a single unit for the whole whose or just a simple design for one of your rooms. How long do you intend to use it? Ideally, knowing your need will help you pick a model with the right features. For instance, a window air conditioner should be quite practical for single room use.


Another important thing to consider when buying an air conditioner is the size. Ideally, you have to look at the size of the designated room or house where you intend to install the air conditioner. Moreover, the size and power ration of the unit should be able to match your air conditioning needs. You should also look at other things related to the size like the shape to ensure it fits into the designated area. If you live in a condominium, a window air conditioner can work considering that most condos often come with window-sized holes.

Energy rating

air conditioner 22Modern air conditioning units offer higher energy efficiencies compared to older models. Thus, go for a model that offers the highest possible efficiency. Going for a more energy efficient unit means that you will not be paying high utility bills. Since most homeowners do not know much about the efficiency and other technical details, the best way to go about this is to check the energy rating.

These are some of the many things to keep in mind when choosing an air conditioner. Carefully selection based on these features and of course your budget will help you get a practical unit. As a tip, window air conditioning units shared at https://coldaction.com/quiet-window-air-conditioner are some of the best units in the market for modern-day homeowners.


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Bongs have made a mark in this world. Usually, regarded as works of art, there is a broad range of pieces available on the market. This means that both novice and seasoned smokers can get something. It is recommended to use grav labs bongs due to their excellent durability. This post discusses various designs and compartments of bongs and their benefits.

What are bongs?

bong 6gt2aA bong is a smoking device that uses water as the filtration medium to produce a smooth, cool, and clean hit. It filters smoke from the dry herbs or concentrates through the water. This ensures that water-dissolving molecules and heavy residue particles do not get to your respiratory system. They are available in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and styles. The following are the most important features of bongs in their construction:

The water chamber

Bottom of a bong is made of a bulbous chamber which holds water. It functions to filter and even cool the smoke. This means that it is smooth on the throat and lungs when you inhale.


After the smoke passes through water chamber, it can flow upward into long-neck vertical tube and through the mouthpiece. Although tubes are usually straight, bongs can be created with elaborate chambers which filter the smoke and offer artistic beauty to your bong.


Its bottom rests in the water chamber and top flares into a bowl that holds dried herbs. The purpose of this part is to draw smoke and air into water as one inhales. This creates bubbles.

Types of bongs

Height, shape, and size affect how a bong pulls smoke through water chamber into the tube. The common versions of bongs are:

Percolator bongs

These have a suspended glass filter inside the water chamber. The filter breaks up and spreads out bubbles. In this way, it circulates smoke through water. The process creates small bubbles which are efficient at cooling the smoke and filtering toxic substances.

Bubbler bongs

This is a hybrid of a pipe and a bong. It is lightweight, and its horizontal version is more lightweight as compared to others. It produces a smoother, light drag which makes it easy to inhale water. As a result of their design, bubblers are quite challenging to clean.bong 5t6

Mini bong

This is quite popular just like the bubbler bong. It is easy to hold, lightweight, and portable. Moreover, it is cheaper compared to large bongs. The main drawback with this system is that there is a like hood of inhaling water.…


If you are in a relationship, time can work either for you or against you. When we meet a person that we are attracted to we tend to put a lot of effort in showing the best of ourselves. When we fall in love, all the things seem to be perfect. After a certain period, reality starts to kick in, and we begin to see life’s true colors. Even our relationships are bound to go through change, it does not mean that they have to change for the worse. Below are some tips on how to keep your love strong:

Create good memories


Make a point of doing nice things and spend some time together. This is what will create beautiful memories. Quarrels and fights are not nice memories, and they will not help your relationship at all. Cleaning, eating and cooking together can become fun memories. If you spend more and more time together, engaging in things that you both enjoy to do, you will want to spend even more time together in the coming days.



Communication is very important in a relationship. Communicate your worries or your feelings when needed. This can make you avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, and problems in the future. Talking with each other is the only means you have of sharing your interests and planning your time together. Additionally, it is the easiest way of getting to know the individual you love.

Give affection

It is advisable to give each other as much affection as you can. There is all time for a hug or a kiss. The romance will be kept alive by being affectionate. Studies have shown that being affectionate helps to prevent stress and depression. It also assists to create a stronger bond and can smoothen the bumps we experience on the way.


There will always be moments when you will be at loggerheads. We are all different, and we have our own views and opinions about things. We have different upbringings and backgrounds. Therefore we should ensure that we respect each other’s ways of thinking. Do not let a disagreement escalate into a conflict. Compromise and try to find a solution that you both can live with.

Try new things

fhgvghcghcgfchcghBoredom is regarded as a relationship killer. We adapt to routines due to family, work, kids and other commitments. Ensure that you make an effort to find some new thing to do together. This is vital especially if you feel that you are drifting apart or your relationship is cooling down. This will enable you to reconnect and maybe learn something new about the person you love.…


Focus is a vital factor for any business to flourish. Gaining focus on your business will give you the ability to be efficient. By putting your concentration on the most important things and evading distractions, you will be able to increase your productivity, and your output will be of the desired quality. This contributes a lot to the success of the business. Below are some useful tips on how to gain focus on your business:

Set goals


The first thing to do is to set out clear goals that you to align your focus. Make a point of concentrating on what you would want to accomplish and formulate a strategy on how to achieve them. Goals are meant to work as a road-map towards your larger aspirations. Ensure that they are timely and realistic. Setting goals will motivate you to put in the work you need to get them accomplished.


Ensure that you have a clear picture of what requires your immediate attention, what you can put on hold and what you can delegate to others or what not to do entirely. This requires you to plan ahead and consider the timings and deadlines for certain tasks. This will assist you to re-organize your mind and put you into focus.

Organize your workspace

You should maintain a simple and well-organized workspace. Eliminate unnecessary junk and clutter from your workspace. The things that you need should be placed in front of you. You should remove journals, photos, magazines, and receipts that are on your desk and shelves so as to create a less distracted workspace.

Concentrate on the task at hand

Make a point of turning off technology and focus on the task at hand. New email notifications, flashing screens, vibrating cellphones are a persistent source of distractions. Set aside sometime when you are out of work when you will use your phone or tablet, and then ignore the technology outside those times.

Avoid multi-tasking

fcghcgfghchgfghghcFocus on handling one thing at a time as opposed to multi-tasking. By doing this, you will avoid stressing your brain by having it shift from one task to another which will result in exhaustion and inefficiency. You should cease to multi-task if you want to beat the competition and by boosting your focus, you will get more done in a short period of time. Therefore make sure that you avoid doing two tasks simultaneously, it is better to entirely finish task A before switching to task B.…